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Title: Fonte Sintra

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Work and Inspiration

Being this a photography website we'll find in this pages most of all, but not exclusively, pictures of Portugal. Also we'll publish projects about very specific themes like, black and white or macro and others, as well we'll give a special attention to analogical photography. The cameras with film roll, still have a lot to give, starting with the basic PinHole, through the 35mm and 120mm, until the large format cameras. Not being a website of camera testing, we think it we'll be interesting publishing a image of the camera itself, and show some examples of it's capabilities.

Portugal, despite of being small in size, it's rich in landscape diversity. It has landscapes and monuments renown worldwide, but it also has several hidden places with unique beauty and others that we can only imagine in faraway places. I hope that the images in the website we'll be an invitation to travelling. Let's get to know Portugal!