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Title: Fonte Sintra

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Iluminados Collection:


In this collection of the Iluminados books we intend on creating albums of prestige that allow to view large dimension pictures in a unusual nocturnal perspective. The common denominator is always the artificial illumination that evokes different and unique sensations of the chosen places. Therefore there is a more human intervention, not only of the photographer, but the "iluminator" as well.

Panoramas Collection:


In this collection of panoramic albums we intend to create highly portable books, that allow us to simultaneously have widened and ample views of the portrayed places. Almost all of the titles, with already two or more editions, have been the choice of tourists as well as many institutions as a high quality gift, that shows the best of what Portugal as to offer. They are more than travelling books, they are a invitation to travel a country of great diversity, unique landscapes, and timeless beauty